Soccer Team Celebrates Season

This season was undoubtedly one of the finest displays of character, team chemistry, and hidden talent the soccer team has ever had.  The players exhibited a bond that carried them from the very first meeting in August until the last game at the end of October.  Thanks to the coaches and trainers, the team endured rigorous conditioning exercises in order to be prepared for the season.  The team's season started off quite promising after winning the home opener against Wilson College.  The season sped by, but not without immense ups and downs.  Injuries, difficult opponents, and overall exhaustion forced the team to face its toughest battles.  However, giving up was not an option.  We all remembered what we played for:  our school, our coaches, ourselves, and most importantly, our teammates.  We were determined to make Mary Baldwin College proud.  With this determination fueling us, we won our very first conference game, shutting out Peace College 2-0.  Overall, the season proved our goals reachable.  However, it also proved that in order to reach our goals, we had to work hard as a team.  With next season approaching, there is no doubt that our team will be even stronger. 

Here you can see the team reuniting for dinner at Massaki's to celebrate the season and say goodbye to the Seniors.

Written by Koshila Ratnayake