Aces for Athletics

2015 - Save the Date

The 2015 Aces for Athletics Tournament is scheduled for April 24, 25, and 26.


2013 Aces Tournament Results


Men's Open Champions (A)- Micah Shultz and John Egnor

Men's Open Champions (B)- Eric Alanko and Paul Yee


Mixed Open Champions - Beth Potts and Jimmy Rule

Mixed Open Finalists - Myriam Escanellas and Tommy Shields


Women's Open Champions- Myriam Escanellas and Beth Potts


2014 Aces for Athletics Tournament Results

Men's Open Champions - Chris Stambaugh and John Egnor

Men's Open Finalists - Brad DeWitt and David Shell


Women's Open Champions - Landon Aud and Heather Shields


Mixed Open Champions - Holley Stambaugh and Chris Stambaugh





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