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Here at Mary Baldwin, we believe that top notch education and superior athletic programs go hand-in-hand.  We strive to provide competitive opportunities for our young women while supporting their educational endeavors.  Our administrators and coaches have a strong commitment to providing our student athletes with the tools necessary for success.

In order to support our current student-athletes, we encourage you to become a member of our Booster Club.  As a former athlete yourself, you know the importance of financial support for our teams.

The mission of the club will be to encourage academic and athletic excellence.  By providing support to all six sports programs at MBC, you will help cover the many expenses that fall outside of our yearly budgets.  From new dugouts for the softball field to “break trips” for the athletes (reducing missed class time due to travel), your support will help our student-athletes shine both in their contests and in the classroom.

The club will also serve as a networking system to connect our current and former student-athletes.

Your support is vital to the success of our student-athletes at Mary Baldwin!  To join our Booster Club, simply fill out the application form and send it along with your annual membership fee of $25.00 and any additional donation that you wish to make to:

Sharon Spalding

Mary Baldwin College Athletics

P.O. Box 1500

Staunton, VA 24402


You may also donate online here

You will not only be joining a great group of individuals that share your school spirit, but you will also support our current athletes and make a positive difference in their college careers.


Thank you for your support,

Sharon B. Spalding, M.Ed.

Director of Athletics and Wellness






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I started the first MBC track team in 1984; although short lived we had 3 members on the team : myself and 2 others. Great to know there is a track club now. -Jeanine Holmes Thomas